The church of Notre-Dame du Raincy (France) 

The church of Notre-Dame du Raincy ( « Our Lady of Consolation », nicknamed « The Holy Chapel of reinforced concrete »), is the work of two brothers, Auguste and Gustave Perret.

A symbol of modern architecture built in 1923, it was the first church using reinforced concrete in France. Dedicated to all the soldiers killed during the First World War (1914-1918), the church has been a listed building since 1966.

Marguerite Huré made the stained-glass windows representing the Virgin Mary’s life from Maurice Denis’ drawings.

Marie guidant les troupes vers la victoire de la bataille de l’Ourcq en 1914

Furthermore, a magnificent Pieta in bronze, made by Antoine Bourdelle, adorns the church gate.

Pietà Antoine Bourdelle

It is visited by tourists and architecture students from all over the world. A small replica of Notre-Dame du Raincy can be found at the Women’s Catholic University in Tokyo.

The bell tower and stained glasses are in danger !

Due to heavy rains, the steel reinforcement bars of the bell tower are corroding, and the concrete surface cracked and broken. The stained glasses’ sealant isn’t waterproof anymore, and the organ had to be protected from water leaks.

Every year specialised masons have to climb the church in order to remove dangerous pieces of concrete, which is a costly intervention.

The church belongs to the Saint-Denis Catholic diocese. A great part of its restoration will be financed by the french Historic Building Institution, however it still won’t be enough. Therefore, we appeal to patrons, and to all the people who love our church and want to help us save it with their donations.

How can you help for the restoration ?

You can make a donation online thru the Fondation du Patrimoine internet site:

Thanks to all our generous sponsors

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